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Nexus Advokater ApS uses cookies for traffic measurement and for continuous optimization of the website and for the Nexus Advokater ApS platform to improve the user experience and functionality. Cookies are a text message that typically places a temporary small filter on the computer that can obtain information about e.g. browser, operating system, connection type and other statistically relevant information.

Cookies may recognize the Client’s and Adviser’s computer but may not collect information about who the Customer or Adviser is or who uses the Client’s or Adviser’s computer. The use of Nexus Advokater ApS’s website is anonymous, and no data is stored for the identification of the Customer or the Adviser, unless the Customer or the Adviser signs up for some of the services that Nexus Advokater ApS offers – this can e.g. be newsletters, service announcements, etc.

Nexus Advokater ApS uses Google Analytics as a statistics tool on the website. Google Analytics gives Nexus Advokater ApS the opportunity to follow the Client’s and Adviser’s movements on the website and gives Nexus Advokater ApS the opportunity to adapt the content according to relevance.

If anyone other than the Customer or the Adviser chooses to provide personal information such as name and e-mail on the website, Nexus Advokater ApS only processes this information in order to fulfill the request, e.g. on receipt of newsletters, etc. as well as to be able to communicate with the requester. Nexus Advokater ApS does not pass on this information to third parties or public authorities unless Nexus Advokater ApS is required by law.

Everyone who has provided personal information to Nexus Advokater ApS has the right to insight into and correction of the personal information Nexus Advokater ApS holds about the person in question.

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