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In case of delay or disruption in construction caused by the employer, various claims may arise which the contractor can advance against the employer. These claims are:

  • Delay claims: If the works are delayed, the contractor may require any costs paid during the delay period covered by the employer through a delay claim.
  • Acceleration claims: If the contractor has to work more for a period due to delay or disruption, e.g. by using more labour to catch up on the delay or to avoid threatening delay, the contractor may require those costs covered by the employer through an acceleration claim.
  • Disruption claims: If the completion of the works becomes disrupted and thus delayed due to e.g. ambiguities in the project, lack of access to the works or unforeseen conditions not caused by the contractor’s circumstances, the contractor may require the additional costs covered through a disruption claim.
  • Extension of time limits: If the construction period is extended due to delay or disruption, the contractor may require an extension of the time limit so that the employer cannot require a daily penalty for the period after the originally agreed handover.