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10.1. Disruption claims

If the completion of the works becomes disrupted and thus delayed due to e.g. ambiguities in the project, lack of access to the works or unforeseen conditions not caused by the contractor’s circumstances, the contractor may require the additional costs covered through a disruption claim.

10.2. Acceleration claims

It is common that a contractor accelerate their own work when faced with the risk of a delay. The contractor may freely do so at their own costs, which may be preferable compared to the costs suffered by a delay. 

This concept is in Danish law referred to as “forcering”

According to Danish common law, which has been codified with the updated version of ABT 93, named ABT 18, the contractor may demand that the employer pays for the costs related to acceleration if either (1), the acceleration is according to an agreement with the employer or (2), the employer wrongfully accuses the contractor for being delayed, without a right to EoT, and the contractor accelerates to avoid this claimed delay.